Me, My Camera and the World

A random collection of some of my favourite photographs.

Spring Flowers · Uppsala, Sweden · 2014

Spring flowers bloom near the Fyris river in central Uppsala.

Swedish Coastguard · Helsingborg, Sweden · 2010

Brightly coloured coastguard boats patrol the dark seas.

Cleo · Uppsala, Sweden · 2014

Tuuli's cat Cleo has a photography session. Cleo has a beautiful wild almost lynx-like coat.

Old Town · Dubrovnik, Croatia · 2013

View of Placa Ulica that runs through the centre of the old town.

Valborg Day · Uppsala, Sweden · 2014

Junk boats on the Fyris river in central Uppsala during the Valborg festival which happens in the first week of May every year.

Via Dei Condotti · Rome, Italy · 2014

Tourists and locals on the street of Via Dei Condotti on a summer weekend.

Independence Square · Kiev, Ukraine · 2013

Sunset over the Independence square in central Kiev.

Jumping Spider · Kerala, India · 2010

A jumping spider on a leaf of a common weed.

Make Pasta, Not War · Rome, Italy · 2014

An amusing sign seen at a shopping mall in Rome.

Helsinki Cathedral · Helsinki, Finland · 2013

View of the majestic Helsinki cathedral.

Colours of the Sunset · Arvidsjaur, Sweden · 2014

A spectrum of colours appear during the sunset over the snow-laden tundra landscape of northern sweden.

Wedding RIngs · Slagelse, Denmark · 2013

Wedding rings during a friend's wedding photoshoot.

Vagamon Hills · Kerala, India · 2010

Lush green hills around Vagamon in the hilly western ghats located in the southern Indian state of Kerala.

Sparklies · Slagelse, Denmark · 2012

Long exposure shot of sparklies fireworks while using a star shaped aperture.

Sublime Cruise · Åland, Sweden · 2014

A beautiful sunset at the port of Mariehamn. Mariehamn is the capital of the Swedish islands of Åland lying halfway between Sweden and Finland.

Slotsholmen · Copenhagen, Denmark · 2010

Tourist boat passes under the Marmorbroen bridge near the Cristiansborg castle in central Copenhagen

Giraffe · Knuthenborg, Denmark · 2011

Giraffe grazing on the trees at the Knuthenborg wildlife safari park.

Night Lights · Dubrovnik, Croatia · 2013

Out of focus city lights at Dubrovnik.

Cannes · Cannes, France · 2014

Sunny day at the beachfront on the Boulevard de la Croisette in Cannes.

Like a Sir · Uppsala, Sweden · 2015

Little kitty is all dressed up for prom.

Rain on the Window · Uppsala, Sweden · 2014

Another one of those gloomy days.

Port Hercules · Monaco · 2014

Panoramic skyline of port Hercules as seen from Rue des Remparts in Monaco.

Schonbrunn Palace · Vienna, Austria · 2011

An opportunistic shot at the Schonbrunn palace.

Plover · Harboøre, Denmark · 2013

A Common Ringed Plover on the beach in Jutland, on the west coast of Denmark

Leaning Tower · Pisa, Italy · 2014

The leaning tower of Pisa. Nothing more to say.

Lego Dragon · Copenhagen, Denmark · 2012

A Lego dragon seen at the Lego store in Copenhagen.

Morning Rays · Palermo, Italy · 2012

Morning sunrays break through the clouds at the beachside in Palermo.

Cliffs & Sea · Dubrovnik, Croatia · 2013

Sitting along the cliff side in Dubrovnik.

Wide Sky · Slagelse, Denmark · 2012

A minimalistic view of the field on a summer evening.

Chive Field · Slagelse, Denmark · 2012

Relaxing in a chive field on a warm summer day.

Big Ship · Messina, Italy · 2012

Ships at the port in Messina. The Madonna della Lettera on the Fort of San Salvatore is seen in the distance on the right.

Siberian Jay · Kiruna, Sweden · 2014

The Siberian Jay that stole my last piece of sausage.

Snowy Houses · Oslo, Norway · 2013

Colourful houses and snow along the coastline while on a cruise from Copenhagen to Oslo in March.

Colourful Nyhavn · Copenhagen, Denmark · 2010

Colours at Nyhavn harbour in Copenhagen.

Anya in the Grass · Slagelse, Denmark · 2013

Anya takes a break in the grass.

Rainbow Field · Slagelse, Denmark · 2013

An intense rainbow is seen after the rain as the storm clouds recede into the distance.

Snowy Street · Slagelse, Denmark · 2012

Traffic crawls through the street in Slagelse after a snowfall.

Great Belt Bridge · Nyborg, Denmark · 2013

The great belt bridge connecting Danish islands of Zealand and Fyn

Light in the Trees · Slagelse, Denmark · 2013

Sunlight streams through the trees in the woods around Slagelse.

Palermo · Palermo, Italy · 2012

San Giovanni degli Eremiti and the Palermo cityline.

Rainy Day · Flakkebjerg, Denmark · 2012

Rainy days make you want to stay inside and stare outside.

Jackie's Eye · Flakkebjerg, Denmark · 2012

Macro eyescapes.

Nyhavn · Copenhagen, Denmark · 2013

Tourists swarm at Nyhavn, one of Copenhagen's most colourful and biggest attractions.

Experimental Field · Flakkebjerg, Denmark · 2012

Fresh seedlings sprout and emerge from the soil at the experimental fields in Flakkebjerg.

TV Tower · Berlin, Germany · 2011

Aircraft passing in the distance behind the TV tower in Berlin.

Bee Swarm · Flakkebjerg, Denmark · 2012

Bee swarm found on a tree.

Snowy Trees · Flakkebjerg, Denmark · 2010

Freeze thaw cycles make these frosted branches with curious patterns.

London Eye · London, UK · 2009

The London eye cubicle.

Brandenburg Gate · Berlin, Germany · 2011

Spring tulips bloom near the Brandenburg gate in Berlin.

Nordic Landscape · Arvidsjaur, Sweden · 2014

Snow covered trees glisten in the sun.

Canals & Boats · Amsterdam, Netherlands · 2012

Bikes, boats, bridges and canals of Amsterdam.

Street Sign · Berlin, Germany · 2012

Street sign seen in Berlin.

Wind Power · Copenhagen, Denmark · 2011

Rows of sea based wind mills seen in the Oresund near Copenhagen.

Double Rainbow · Flakkebjerg, Denmark · 2012

A beautiful double rainbow spotted right after a light rain.

Dorte's Eye · Flakkebjerg, Denmark · 2012

I had to borrow a friend's eye.

Foggy Dawn · Thodupuzha, India · 2013

People bath in the small village stream as the sunlight breaks through the light fog .

Longines · Slagelse, Denmark · 2011

Product photography

Flowers in the Sunset · Flakkebjerg, Denmark · 2012

Wild flowers on a summer evening.

Ilaria · Oslo, Norway · 2013

Ilaria stares out through the window of a cruise ship while on a trip to Oslo.

Paris Street · Paris, France · 2009

Traffic pass by on the Quai de Grenelle towards the Eiffel tower.

Nature Reserve · Idukki, India · 2013

A view of the Idukki nature reserve. The water reservoir is part of a larger hydroelectric project.

Blankenese Beach · Hamburg, Germany · 2011

A panoramic view of the beach at Blankenese, on the outskirts of Hamburg, Germany.

Roman Street · Rome, Italy · 2014

A view of a street in Rome.

Fløien · Bergen, Norway · 2011

Mountain tram climbing up Mt. Fløien.

Aurora Borealis · Jokkmokk, Sweden · 2014

A magnificient display of multicoloured aurora borealis seen near Jokkmokk, Sweden.

Stillinge Strand · Stillinge, Denmark · 2009

Beach goers enjoying a day at the beach.

Red House · Bergen, Norway · 2011

A bright red house on the Bryggen street in Bergen, Norway.

Nude Protester · London, UK · 2009

A protester prepares for the World Naked Bike Ride to promote better conditions for cyclists.

Forssa · Forssa, Finland · 2012

Snow covered houses in Forssa, Finland.

Dancing Waves · Slagelse, Denmark · 2011

Experimenting with water splash.

Shankumugham · Trivandrum, India · 2013

The light house on the Shankumugham beach in Trivandrum, Kerala.

Per · Slagelse, Denmark · 2011

Per has a relaxing summer evening which is hard to come by.

Lady Bug · Slagelse, Denmark · 2010

A lady bug enjoys the sunshine.

Frozen Seas · Helsinki, Finland · 2012

Tourist cruise liner VikingLine is seen at a frozen harbour in Helsinki.

London Eye · London, UK · 2009

Visitors enjoy a magnificent view of the city of London from the London eye.

Old Town Square · Prague, Czech Republic · 2011

The Old Town Square and the Church of Our Lady before Týn seen from the observation tower above the Prague Astronomical Clock.

Eagle Pub · Cambridge, UK · 2008

A plaque commemorating the discovery of the DNA double helix by Francis Crick and James Watson seen at the Eagle Pub in Cambridge, UK.

Above the Clouds · Sky, Earth · 2011

Sea of clouds seen from the airplane.

Tortoise · London, UK · 2009

A tortoise enjoys his lunch at the London Zoo.

Milky · Slagelse, Denmark · 2011

Experimenting with milk splash.

Olive Trees · Termini Imerese, Italy · 2013

Plantations of olives on the hillside in northern Sicily.

Green Field · Tåkern, Sweden · 2015

Beautiful field spotted in Tåkern on the east of Lake Vätten.

Reeperbahn · Hamburg, Germany · 2011

A street sign at the Reeperbahn street in Hamburg.

Bee & Pollen · Flakkebjerg, Denmark · 2013

A honey bee is covered in pollen as she sucks nectar from a dandelion.

Northern Lights · Uppsala, Sweden · 2014

Bright green lights of Aurora borealis seen above Uppsala in Sweden.

Narvik · Narvik, Norway · 2014

Street lights illuminate the city of Narvik in northern Norway.

Colosseum · Rome, Italy · 2014

The ruins of the Roman Colosseum.

Light in the Skies · Jokkmokk, Sweden · 2014

Brilliant display of auroras above the tree line.

Skog · Fjällnora, Sweden · 2014

People enjoy a swim at Ramsen, one of Sweden's numerous lakes.

Rape Field · Slagelse, Denmark · 2011

A field of rapeseed plantation.

Fern · London, UK · 2008

Details in the leaf of a fern. Taken at the Kew Botanicals Gardens.

Little Planet · Flakkebjerg, Denmark · 2012

The research centre at Flakkebjerg is represented as a sphere by polar coordinates transformation.

Madga · Copenhagen, Denmark · 2012

Magda enjoys the christmas decorations in Copenhagen.

Hamburg · Hamburg, Germany · 2011

Night lights at a street fair in the city of Hamburg.

Spiral Stairs · Vatican City, Italy · 2014

Exquisitely crafted details on the spiral stairs at the Vatican museum in Rome.

Curious Sheep · Bergen, Norway · 2011

A curious sheep stares at the sound of the shutter release.

Wild Heather · Holstebro, Denmark · 2011

Wild heather flowers cover the landscape in Northern Jutland. Heather produces strong fragrance and is an importance source of nectar for bees.

Warsaw · Warsaw, Poland · 2013

The Bell tower at St. Anna's church provides a great vantage point to watch the centre of Warsaw.

Mighty Rhino · Knuthenborg, Denmark · 2011

Rhinoceros graze at the safari park in Knuthenborg.

Salema Fish · Unije, Croatia · 2013

Fresh Salema fish caught by local fishermen dries on the rocks. Salema porgy is a popular fish in the Mediterranean, claimed by some to have hallucinogenic properties.

Mount Etna · Catania, Italy · 2012

A snapshot of Mount Etna billowing smoke, taken from a car.

Foggy Paris · Paris, France · 2009

A foggy view of Paris from the observation point on the Eiffel tower.



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