The FortaCloud fraud

My horrible experience with cloud computing service and why you should stay clear of this service too.

Cloud computing is fun, flexible and relatively cheap. If you are a hobbyist like me, who likes to fiddle around with web apps, experiment with web hosting and such, standard established cloud services like Amazon AWS, Linode, Digital Ocean etc might a bit too pricey. So, in the search for cheaper alternatives, one comes across options such as Vultr, CloudSigma or FortaCloud. It is a gamble when one has to authenticate using credit cards and sometimes it can go wrong.

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Choosing a platform for a personal website

A general introduction and comparison of platforms for hosting a personal website. This is just a primer to the different options available and not a detailed and thorough comparison.

Hello Internet! I finally have a website. I’ve been thinking about having a website for several years now but never actually got around to making one. It was mostly due to lack of focussed time rather than lack of ideas. I probably won’t have and don’t plan on having regular popular content. So my idea was to have a personal website showcasing my work, a bit about myself, contact,  various social links and an occasional blog post. I spent quite a bit of time researching on potential set-up for the website from various hosting services to themes and templates. I thought I would go through some of the web hosting options out there especially for a personal website.